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Content Refreshing: Why It’s Important

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Content decays over time, including website and social media content. When content is first published there is a spike in traffic and growth, but when the content stays the same for a long period of time it will hit a plateau phase before traffic and growth start to drop off.  Therefore, refreshing your content is vital to your success. New, informative, and quality content will grow your traffic.

For website content, Google prefers that individual pages sitewide be updated regularly, as that is a factor that plays a role in your search rankings. This doesn’t mean that you must change entire content, but you do you need to change a large amount of the information on that page. Instead of revising individual pages however, adding new pages over time is what may result in a higher score from Google.  

Here are some best practices for revising website content:

  • Construct new content regularly
  • Revising, focusing on the core content but do not change the topic
  • Work to increase clicks

Other Content Variables that Impact Traffic and Growth Decline

There are factors that Google influences: SERPS and Google Algorithms. Google experiments with search results and their algorithms change frequently. This is something that’s out of your control, but below is a factor in which you can control:

  • Content Quality: You must produce quality content that is SEO optimized, adds value to your visitors, and contains relative keywords relating to what the end user is searching for.

How to Determine When Content Needs Refreshing

As the digital world is everchanging, your content must keep up with trends and remain relative. To determine what content needs to be refreshed, consider the following:

  • Posts that once had lots of traffic, but has since dropped off.
  • Information that accounts for a very small percentage of your total traffic.
  • Content that has been on the decline for several months.

Refreshing your content will keep your brand relevant and keep traffic coming to your platform.

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