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The Importance of Digital Marketing in a Digital World

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In the last decade technology has transformed greatly. As social media shifted to smartphones, what was once a blast from the past filled with pictures and memories, has now become a daily broadcast of our lives. AI has continued to learn and advance its capabilities, web-based software programs have become more desirable, and the ability to try on sunglasses from the comfort of your couch is now feasible.

Over 50% of online searches are carried on a mobile device with mobile browsing accounting for half of web traffic worldwide. The old ways of marketing your business have changed drastically. If you’re not up to speed on marketing in a digital world, your business will most likely suffer the consequences.

The marketing mission prior to the development of the internet focused on finding new customers and getting a company’s products or services directly in front of as many people as possible. While the common end goal of obtaining of customers and generating profit remains the same, marketing has now become consumer-focused. The consumer now drives the approach. When they have a question about something, the first place they go to is the internet. This is precisely why hopping on the digital train is your best bet for success!

With digital marketing you can reach a much larger audience than you can with traditional marketing. 

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing

The main difference between traditional and digital marketing is the medium in which people receive the information: online. Additionally, traditional marketing is difficult to measure, expensive, and there is no direct interaction with the consumer. Whereas digital marketing is easy to measure, makes targeting a specific audience possible, is more cost-effective, and allows for more direct engagement. Using the internet is part of our daily lives and using this to your advantage can elevate your business.

Why Digital Marketing is Important

  • Target Who You Want – With digital marketing you can target prospects most likely to purchase your product or service if you choose to. With traditional marketing, such as a television advertisement, you have limited control over who sees your ad. You could potentially be missing out on your direct audience.
  • Measurable Success – With digital marketing, you can get a comprehensive view of all metrics that matter to your company (and metrics that do not). You can see real results in real time. There are various ways in which you can measure success and that depends on your goals. Goals can include likes, shares, clicks on an ad, and website traffic.
  • Outranking Leaders in the Industry – Larger companies usually have millions of dollars to invest in advertising avenues like television campaigns. With digital marketing initiatives, it is possible for you to outrank these larger companies. Some ways require complexity and a creative mind, but with social media’s popularity we now have “Influencers”. Influencers do not necessarily showcase the largest companies. They try products or services and if they like them, they post about it, making the product go “viral”.
  • Cost-effective – With digital marketing you can not only track your success or failure, but you can adjust your spending quite easily. You have complete control over where you choose to spend your money. For example, you ran an ad in a magazine, and you didn’t get a ROI. That magazine cost the same to place whether you made money or not form it. With social media, if you notice a particular as isn’t generating profit you can decrease the spend.

Digital marketing is a game changer for businesses. It allows businesses to engage directly with prospects, reach wider audiences, and is more cost-effective, especially for businesses on a tight budget. Creating perfect, eye-catching content does not come easily, however. A highly skilled, dedicated marketing agency will free up your time to run your business. SCB specializes in high-quality digital content for businesses. We work one-on-one with clients to provide them the content they need, published to the right audience. Get a quote online today!