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Ways to Communicate with Your Clients during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 lockdown, millions of people are stuck at home and looking for something to divert their attention. If you’re a small business owner, it could be your content and digital marketing that gives them a chance to take their mind off the crisis. At SCB Video. TV. Marketing (formally Southern Crescent Broadcasting), we think it’s a good strategy to keep up your marketing efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic; here are a few tips from our digital marketing experts to help you communicate effectively with current and potential customers while they’re on lockdown:

Maintain a Consistent Live Presence on Social Media

Live content is the hottest new thing to hit social media and if you can harness its power, you could expand your reach and strengthen your brand. When you live stream, it’s important to keep a consistent schedule and make sure your content is top notch. Before you start, check and see if you have a good internet connection then plan out what you’re going to say. Get a good camera angle, make sure you have a clean background, and adjust your lighting. Once you start recording, be sure to look directly into the camera and keep another device around (like your smartphone) to comment from.

Email Marketing

While some believe that email marketing is yesterday’s news, we at SCB tend to disagree. Now that so many people have plenty of time on their hands, they’re more likely than ever to read your emails, so take some time to let them know about important announcements related to COVID-19, special services you’re offering during the lockdown, and what you plan to do when the outbreak passes.

How-to Videos

Everyone loves content that teaches them something useful. Try creating some how-to videos about complex topics related to your industry and post them on video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. When you offer something useful to a current or potential client, they’re sure to remember you in the future.

Fun Videos and Messages of Encouragement

We’re all looking for a little comfort in this difficult time. You can gear your content to meet that need with encouraging messages and other fun content. When you put someone’s mind at ease, they will be thinking of you the next time they need your goods or services.

Mailing Cards

The U.S. Post Office is still up and running, and they can help you reach current and potential customers in your local area. Try printing up some cards with information related to COVID-19 or just create a simple message to remind people that you’re available to meet their needs. It may seem old-fashioned but sending cards through snail mail may be the very thing that sets you apart from your competitors!

At SCB, we know now is not the time to go radio silent. Your customers still want to hear from you, and we can help you reach them! Fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us for advice about marketing during COVID-19 and we’ll come up with an airtight digital marketing strategy to get your business through this pandemic intact.