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Stats on Why Video Marketing Works

Whether you’re trying to market a product, a service, or you’re just trying to improve your brand recognition, you won’t be able to accomplish your goals without video marketing. In the past, print ads, billboards, and promotional merchandise may have done the trick, but those strategies simply aren’t as effective in the “always connected” internet age. If you hope to catch the attention of your audience these days, you’ll need compelling video content, and lots of it.

Here’s some information about video marketing and why it’s so effective, straight from the staff at Southern Crescent Broadcasting, the Atlanta area’s video marketing and corporate video production experts:

What is Video Marketing?

If you intend to advertise on the internet or in more traditional media like TV or streaming services, you need multimedia content that includes audio, visuals, and motion. In short, video marketing is advertising that includes this type of content. Today, consumers most frequently view video marketing content on their smart phones, tablets, personal computers, or on TV. Marketing professionals tend to focus their efforts in the online sphere, as modern cable TV gives viewers the opportunity to fast forward through ads. Online video marketing can be much more effective; in fact, around 100 million unique internet users watch videos online every day. By 2021, an estimated 82% of all internet traffic will be related to videos.

When it comes to online video content, you can share it on your own website or utilize video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that make it simple for you to reach a large number of potential viewers. In some cases, advertising on video sharing platforms won’t cost you a dime. Video marketing on these platforms can include straightforward ads, informational videos, or even content marketing where advertising takes a back seat to the content itself. No matter what your strategy may be, video marketing is bound to be significantly more effective than any other type of marketing.

Video Marketing Statistics

Studies have shown that when marketing materials include an audiovisual component, it improves viewers’ attention and information retention. When video content is included on a website, it also improves user behaviors, prompting them to stay on your site longer. Google’s algorithm even takes note of video content and positive user behaviors, providing a significant boost in search engine ranking for sites that include videos.

Not only is video content more engaging, it also conveys your message faster and easier. You have precious few seconds to get the attention of your viewer, so transmitting information more efficiently will always improve your chances of gaining a new customer. In fact, marketing experts have observed an 80% increase in conversion rates after including a video on their landing pages. Whatever metric you want to improve in your marketing, video content will help you achieve that goal.

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