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Creating Effective Commercials for Your Brand

You have 30 seconds to sell someone on a product or service. In today’s world, we are bombarded by commercials and ads which has made us disengage after the first 3 seconds. Although you have 30 seconds to sell someone, you have only a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention immediately and keep it engaged. This is why creating effective commercials is a must!

There are certain characteristics that help in creating a quality commercial:

How to Create Effective Commercials

Tell a Compelling Story

You need to create a way to draw your audience in. Commercials that use the principles of good storytelling will immediately elicit an emotional response from the viewer. With only 30-60 seconds to drive this home, it may seem like the impossible – but it’s not. Keeping your story short and sweet will take brainstorming, but it’s important to remember to keep the most crucial parts of the story and remove the fluff.

Make it Memorable

Make sure your commercial is exciting, engaging, and relevant to the audience that you are trying to market.

Set the Tone

When creating an effective commercial, you need to keep the brand’s tone in mind. While funny commercials are memorable, if it’s not the right tone for your brand it may not succeed.

Authenticity is Key

Authenticity doesn’t just means being genuine when it comes to your brand. It also means being transparent and consistent in your messaging and branding initiatives.  

Communicate One Message

Having too many concepts in one commercial is overwhelming and doesn’t send a clear, direct message to consumers. Communicating one message through your commercial will enhance the success.

Recurring Themes

Follow up commercials that continue the story and develop a theme or characters create brand awareness. Think about Liberty Mutual’s ad campaign featuring LiMu Emu and Doug. They are a dynamic duo with a catchy phrase and funny statements, making these characters memorable to consumers.


During conception it is essential that you know exactly what your marketing call-to-action (CTA) is. You need to think about what you want people to do after they see your commercial. Do you want them to visit your website? Are you pushing for them to sign up for a free trial? It is very important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic CTAs. Your call-to-action depends on your target audience and what they would respond to most.

Every business needs promotion, and it’s important to stand out from the competition. Using our guide above will help you focus on the key aspects when conceptualizing effective commercials.

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