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The Importance of Brand Storytelling

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Storytelling is an integral part of our lives that’s commonly used in the film industry, theatre, and in literature. It’s simply another way to communicate your message in a personal approach. Think about when you meet someone new: do you ask them questions to unearth their story? Do you share your story when building the relationship? Everything we experience in life comes from a story, so how is this different for a business? It’s not. A great way to humanize your message is through brand storytelling.

Brand Storytelling is a Powerful Tool to Convey Your Message

Brand storytelling is a powerful way to build your brand by connecting with consumers, producing a loyal community built around your brand. The ultimate goal for a business is to create a long-term value for customers. How do you do that? By telling your story.

Take a look at Airbnb’s story. They turned renting air mattresses in their apartment into a world-wide, billion-dollar business. The story tells the American Dream – going through hardships, being turned downed and sued, and eventually ending in success.

Storytelling in Marketing

Marketing is promoting and selling your products or services, and storytelling needs to carry over into your strategy. The cheap tactics simply do not work anymore. People want to connect with businesses and prefer storytelling ads over action-driven ads because those stories make your brand relatable. A business who communicates their purpose and value through a story will capture’s an audience’s attention instantly.

Purchasing Decisions Are Not Solely Logical

Consumer purchasing decisions are not just logical – they are emotional too. Humans are naturally emotional and rely heavily on emotions when making decisions. The strongest stories tap into human emotion, genuinely connecting with people to help them believe in a brand. Think about when consumers are looking to buy a product: most of them read reviews first. These reviews are stories of other people’s experiences with a product and will elicit emotions when consumers read about their story.

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