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Keeping Branding Consistent on All Platforms

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With a myriad of social media channels, it’s important to understand that surviving and staying relevant in today’s market is nearly impossible without maintaining a constant presence on all mediums, including digital and print.

Brand Consistency

A company’s brand identity describes their mission, vision, logo, practices, and essentially everything that makes a company stand out from the rest. It is all of the parts that form a company’s character.

Brand guidelines are essential elements of brand consistency and include the rules of how a company uses their assets.

When a company adheres to their brand’s identity and guidelines, the company is brand consistent. Brand consistency is crucial and ensures a company’s brand is recognizable across all marketing channels, making the brand dependable and trustworthy to consumers.

Importance of Understanding Platforms

Each social media platform is different in the sense of what drives engagement and what sorts of audiences populate those platforms. Certain platforms work better for different brands. For example, Twitter is a platform for short and topic related conversations, whereas Instagram is a highly visual platform. Understanding each platform is key in deciding which platform works best for your brand.

A big mistake brands make is thinking that marketing is just the process of getting in front as many people as possible, with the hopes that their content is compelling enough that the end user will sign up or buy what they are offering. Think about your purchasing decisions. Do you see an ad and automatically buy what they are selling? You do you due diligence in comparing other products and prices, reading reviews, and by researching the product or service.

It is vital to keep a brand consistent. As our ability to create and send marketing communications increases, it becomes easier to gloss over brand consistency in order to have immediate results. Immediate results can result in distraction and confusion of a brand. Take the time to build your brand identity and guidelines and to learn about each platform you want to utilize before rushing marketing communications to consumers. SCB is a full-service video production company and marketing firm that specializes in business branding. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help! Contact us today