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Change Your Website and Social Media Content

All content, including that on websites and in social media, degrades over time. When content is originally released, traffic and growth surge, but when the content remains unchanged for a while, traffic and growth plateau before beginning to decline. So maintaining fresh content is essential to your success. Your traffic will increase if you consistently produce new, useful content.

As a criterion that affects your search rankings, Google recommends that individual pages on your entire website be updated frequently. This does not imply that you must update the entire page’s content, but you do need to alter a significant portion of it. However, adding new pages gradually is what may lead to a higher score from Google rather than editing individual pages.

The following are some top recommendations for editing website content:

  1. Regularly create new content
  2. Revising, keeping the main points in mind yet keeping the subject unchanged.
  3. Work to boost clickthroughs